Reelight means safety

Two representative groups of 2000 bike riders/users in each group, were chosen to participate in the experiment/study 1. A test group, whose bikes were fitted with the new driving lights from Reelight and biked as usual. 2. A control group, who biked as usual – without the Reelight bike lights. • The accident rate was measured in the two groups every other month, in the 12 month test period, through various questionnaires. The questionnaire was designed to determine precisely which influencing factors were dominant, had the bike riders been involved in accidents in the test period.

Reelight SL100 Magnetic lights rear frictionless mounted

Result and conclusion

  • The average number of accidents per person/bike rider is 32 % lower in the test group than in the control group.
  • 85 % of the participants in the test group feel "much more" or "more safe" in the traffic, when they use Reelight bike lights.
  • It can be concluded, that bike lights have a positive effect on the feeling of and actual safety of the participants.

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